When Open Hearts Connect

Open your heart and experience all the emotions. It’s a gift that I seldom open. Most of the time, I’m scared and afraid. I’m scared you will break it, I’m afraid we won’t be connected anymore.

I opened my heart this past week and here is what I found.

Open heart.
Tears in my eyes.
Moved beyond words.
Heavy heart for those who came before us.
Aching love for all that have been affected
Family, friends, strangers, professionals, caregivers.
Stopped in mid sentence by overwhelming emotions.
Caught off guard when I least expect it.
Move through it  – breathe deeply.
Balancing between incredible outrage for those who suffer and the love I experience for all of us,
even those who dishonour us,
even those who stare and call us crazy.

My experience tells me we are all the same, we come from the same place and we have the same needs;
even if I don’t care to admit it.

Fear stops me from talking, it stops me from connecting, it stops me from loving.

We wouldn’t be human without it.

Fear provides perspective:
to see where we are needed,
to see what there is to overcome,
insight into what others feel and experience,
it gives us the strength to move through that which creates it.


Grateful for the many leaders, and mentors in my life. It began eight years ago with a beautiful, brilliant, trailblazer;  Karen Liberman.

She makes us laugh.
Her words make us cry.
She gives us strength.
Her words give us hope.

When open hearts connect. 

I opened my heart and new friendships formed.
I opened my heart and feel in love again.
I opened my heart and was carried into territories I forgot existed.


For the past week the 1st National Conference for Peer Support was held in Halifax. Over 400 delegates came together to learn, support, and understand what its going to take to elevate the peer support movement to professional status. One that is honoured by the medical profession as a serious, critical part of the mental health recovery process.


We got to know each other at the level of human being, we were all there, Dr’s politicians, service providers, administrators, corporations and of course those who provide peer support and those who use peer support. We cried together, we laughter together and we learned together. There was no difference between us and so many similarities. By the end we were one.


Thank you to the PSACC for not ever letting go of this vision. Thank you Mental Health Commission of Canada for your continued support and thank you to all of the leaders ( I’m talking to everyone here) for doing whatever you had to do to be at the NCPS2014


The question on my mind is when is the next one?


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