Unleash Your Mental Wellness!

If you have a been living with a mood disorder, you might be feeling like you are alone. You might be afraid of asking for help or disclosing that you have a mood disorder. You might even be frustrated with the lack of strategies and tools available to support you in making real progress with your mental wellness goals. I know this because I’ve been there. I have felt alone, frustrated and afraid of anyone finding out my mental health secret.

I’m an experienced, Professional Certified Coach (PCC,) but more importantly, I have lived with Bipolar disorder for over 20 years and have been stable and effective without an episode since 1997.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Improve your confidence and increase your facility with work and life wellness strategies.
  • Gain self-awareness and increase your capacity to impact and influence others.
  • Identify gaps in the support required for your overall wellness and high-performance.
  • Challenge the beliefs and thinking that are holding you back.
  • Implement tools and techniques to move you in the direction that you define as mental health wellness success.


It starts with a free confidential Thriving in the Workplace Strategy Session. Contact me at the to book your Thriving in the Workplace Strategy Session.



Cost:  $2,000.00 + HST

Included in this cost: 10 – one hour live coaching sessions;  unlimited support via email and text; an abundance of tools drawn from 23 years of supporting others in their growth and development.







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    • Hi Jorge,
      thanks for your question. Normally we have a conversation first to see if it the program is right for you. And if you are at a point in your recovery that would be suitable for the program. At which point we can then talk about fees. Would you like to set up a call to discuss this further? You can direct message me at to set up a time and date that works.