Mental wellness; it’s all how you look at it!

Lately, I’ve been bummed out – really bummed out. I could speculate on why but I don’t think it’s that helpful to go over the reasons. When I get into a one of these bummed out moods, my mind is like a war zone of negativity, Much of how I view things is based on what happens in my day and what I make of it:

  • I apply for a job, get an interview and am told I don’t have what they are looking for.
  • I ask for help from a friend and am ignored.
  • I’m short on cash to pay my visa bill at the end of the month, and it’s a reminder that I don’t have a consistent group of clients paying me for the work I love to do.
  • I continue to work out and don’t see any results in how my body looks.
  • I view job boards, get interested in a position, only to realize I don’t have the qualifications to be considered for an interview.
  • I’m taking the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course and have failed to keep up with the homework.
  • I’ve continued to share my vision of finding a grant for my Unleash Your Mental Wellness coaching program and have not come close to securing one.

failure 1It is human nature to think constantly more about what doesn’t work or our failures than to think about our achievements. It occurs to me that just a month ago I wrote about what I had achieved yet I don’t seem to revel in those things. I think that it is not remembering or choosing not to focus on my achievements that are the source of my current “bummed outness”.

When you have a mental illness or have a predisposition for one, being mindful of your mood each day is one strategy to support your mental health. It’s why I’m hyper sensitive to how I’ve been feeling over the last couple of months. It’s not enough just to be medicated, doing exercise, eating healthy and keeping your sleep regular; being aware of your emotions and how they are affecting your life is critical to your mental wellness and stability.  Check out MoodScope for more information on tracking your mood on a daily basis. It explains how it can support your mental wellness, stability and the benefits of doing so:

In 2004, there was a movie released called 50 First Dates, the storyline is what’s important, the main character has a car accident that leaves her with short-term memory loss. She meets a great guy, only to forget to meet him the very next day.  The guy is so totally in love with her; he makes a video of all the stuff they have done together so that when she wakes up the each morning, she can watch the video before even getting up and is reminded of everything that has happened.

perspective 1This got me to thinking, what if I had a video each morning that either reminded me of my accomplishments or gave me some inspired action that would move me to action vs. going back to bed. How would that change the way I view my life? What kind of results would I achieve?  Is this a possible strategy that could provide enough inspiration to move me forward in the face of my perceived failure, rejection and loneliness?  I got curious so started on Friday.

And so it’s begun; a mini research project. Watch a video each morning for the next 30 days and keep a diary of the results produced.  I’ll keep you posted as to the outcome, and I’m optimistic about this new support system.  I have already seen some short-term results.

  1. I was very close to cancelling my appointments on Friday, and I didn’t do it. During this wallowing I ended up watching a Ted Talk by ‪Drew Dudley; The Game Has No Winners: There was one line in the talk that caught my attention. It inspired me to get up, into the shower and to the appointment on time. The result of going to the appointment was: a verbal agreement by a client for Triad Coaching and a workshop for her team by the end of July.  To add some icing to this – my client asked if she could refer me to one of her colleagues.  Of course, I said yes! And to think I was going to cancel and go back to bed.
  2. I’ve been putting off writing a blog for over a month now – making myself wrong for committing to writing two blogs a month and not doing it.  Feeling bummed out, knowing that I made this promise yet not doing it……this is typical of the experience I’ve had over the last 30 days. This blog is a result of watching  Simon’s Sinek’s: Why good leaders make you feel safe

Again there was something in the video that caught my attention, shifted how I was thinking and got me into action. It didn’t take me long to write this blog.

What is it about videos and their ability to inspire me into action? Is it a simple theory of the video tapping into my deep-rooted beliefs? My experience is when this happens I’m get totally inspired and do take action. Is this the simple antidote to my bummed out days? I’ll write part 2 of this with the results from the last month and let you know.

What gets you out of a rut? What do you do? What inspires you to action? Please share below.


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8 thoughts on “Mental wellness; it’s all how you look at it!

  1. I liked everything you had to say! You were insightful and creative. I have thought often of so many things to do…journaling daily, writing a blog, exercising, going to this or that…but I have either procrastinated or convinced myself that I can’t, or run out of time, or that what I have to say isn’t valuable or even interesting. Ah…those of us who have mental illness! We are more than our own worst critic, we are judge and jury too.

    Thanks for writing. Maybe I can try yet again to take these steps to document my progress in recovery, mindfulness, health, and life.

    • Hi Tanya,
      Do keep trying, and let me know how it goes – I’d be interested in what you do for your progress. Take care

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your struggle. It is brave and moving and the experience you share is personally very familiar. I like the idea of using videos to indoor action as well. Great post Leslie.

  3. Excellent Post! I think it’s so important to have reinforcement, whether through videos, writings or other means. It’s also a great reminder to seek these out during the hard days too! Thank you.