It feels like my brain doesn’t work

Sometimes it feels like my brain doesn’t work. And I can’t articulate the words or thoughts that I want to. Sometimes I think that I’m just not smart enough to be writing a blog.

I think I’ve been experiencing writer’s block.

But that thought just keeps getting pushed out of my mind. How can I have writers block if I’m writing emails or blogs for other sources?

Maybe it’s that I just don’t think I have anything interesting to say about mental health anymore.

After spending weeks of trying to get inspired to write by reading articles, profiles, and websites, I’m no farther ahead today in being inspired to write.

Go for It!  

So rather than waiting for it I thought I’d go for it. Start without a direction and in doing so one will surface. It worked.  How this blog post looks now is very different from where I started.

I’ve often been told that anything I can share about mental health and living with a mood disorder could support someone else, it could be a contribution to another person who’s in the same place.  Even if it’s just one person, it’s worth it.

I have two internal stories that play over and over again in my mind: “I have a mental illness and it slows/interrupts my results” and “I know myself to be resilient, strong and a survivor”

I began to wonder: “Is the writers block due to not being able to access the level of creativity I normally enjoy?   What am I doing to source my creativity?”

 Sourcing my creativity

Reflecting on the past couple of months I notice that I haven’t been consistently doing the activities I know to take to source my creativity.  The following all contribute to accessing the creative side of me:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Designing programs for work
  • Connecting with friends and colleagues
  • Early-morning walks
  • Eating properly
  • Sleeping well


So the question is why? What’s gotten in the way of this?

It started with losing touch with the commitment I have for this website. I haven’t wanted to accept that I’m failing at my commitment to the website. It might sound extreme but up against what I committed to when I began last year, I haven’t been taking the actions that are consistent with my commitment.

The Quest

I remember creating the strategy for this website as I traveled home from a leadership conference in LA last year. I was full of inspiration and motivation. Nothing was going to stop me.


I had just declared my quest to 100 people “I’m out to change how Mental Health is dealt with in Canada.” You see I am deeply outraged by story after story of individuals not getting the help they need and the impact it has on their lives. Often it stems from self-shame or the pervasive judgment that follows us around like the cloud of dirt that follows Pig-Pen in Charlie Brown.


How this website and blog make a difference inside of my quest?

It is a public forum for storytelling, a community where tips, tools, and conversations are supportive and relevant to Canadians getting the help they need and in overcoming the self-shame of having a mental illness.

The website strategy suggested having a minimum of two blog posts a month.  Doing the things I know to support my creativity is imperative in my quest and being successful in this producing two blog posts a month. The strategy missed two important aspects, taking actions that source my creativity as well as blocking time in my calendar for writing.

Now all there is to do is take the actions identified.

  1. Write a blog post
  2. Yoga and walk scheduled for tomorrow
  3. Block writing time into my calendar.

Getting reignited to a commitment you have is simple and important. It’s these commitments that give us purpose in life.  It doesn’t matter how big or small they are, when we lose our way it’s usually because we have lost our connection to what we are committed to.

The process I used to do this work today came from a leadership course I took recently. If you have something in your life that you want to get reignited to, try this short process below. I’d love to hear what you discover. Send me a message or feel free to comment below.

How to get reignited to an area or goal that’s important to you:

Step 1) Identify where you are not getting the results you want and call it a breakdown:

In my case, I thought the breakdown was my brain wasn’t working, in fact, I was failing at my commitment to the website and I had lost connection to what my quest was originally  – I’m out to change how Mental Health is dealt with in Canada.

Step 2) Re-Engage with the commitment:

I looked back at what I had created for the blog strategy, and why I had created it.  Just the simple act in doing that made a big difference in creating this blog. I also realized what additional actions I needed to take were missing over the last couple of months.

Step 3) Identify the actions to take and take them.

  • Write a blog post
  • Yoga and walk scheduled.
  • Schedule weekly time to write.

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2 thoughts on “It feels like my brain doesn’t work

  1. Your vision is incredible. I encourage you to keep sharing whatever is on your mind and don’t judge it.

    Your articles inspire me long after I’ve read them. That’s powerful!

    Yesterday, I was on the plan, writing ideas in my journal, with the goal of developing a wellness plan for myself, inspired by an article I read on your site.

    You are doing great work Leslie!

    • Mike, Thanks for your comment. You are someone that I can count on for leaving inspiring notes. It makes it all worthwhile when that small voice in my head tells me otherwise. Love to learn more about your wellness plan.