Leslie Bennett puts creating strong partnerships in the centre of her life. She is always looking for how she can incorporate partnership, fun and her love for creativity into the experience you have with her. Leslie’s passion for supporting organizations in shifting the naturally occurring cultures to ones that foster and drives leadership, inclusion, and extraordinary results are present in all of her activities. Her 20 years experience working with leaders and their teams provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of how human beings are designed. She is an expert in analysing and recommending the support structures needed to sustain any cultural or leadership change in the workplace.

Along with her business partners, Leslie’s enthusiasm to empower individuals to step into their own leadership drives much of what Open Spaces Learning offers. Their model is dynamic: she’s partnered with two experts in the field, and they design and facilitate transformational learning programs and workshops. These programs actively engage and challenge participants in their own self discovery; thus changing perceptions and profoundly shifting workplace cultures. Her clients experience an increase in capacity for results. They broaden their individual perspective and capacity in working effectively with their teams.

When she’s not working with her business partners in the corporate world supporting cultures to move from “me to we” you will likely find her volunteering her time with individuals who, like herself have lived through some mental illness.

In 2007, Leslie made a life alternating choice to speak publicly about her journey with Bipolar Disorder. After ten years of hiding her mood disorder out of embarrassment, shame and fear of judgment, she openly speaks about her experience and journey and is delighted to support organizations who have mental health awareness initiatives. She blends her experience in the mental health field, learning design and leadership. She creates mental health programs and workshops where participants are actively engaged, discover the information for themselves and have fun doing it; meaning they walk away owning their learning and content. These are not your typical mental health presentations!

Leslie has a Bachelor of Commerce in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Ryerson University; Professional Coach Certification from International Coaches Federation; Newfield Certified Coach designation from Newfield Network and CultureSync™ Approved Tribal Leader.


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  1. Well know, isn’t that an interesting layer in the experience. Bravo Girl, you are strong. I can see it in your eyes. Kinda wish I didn’t send that stream if consciousness bit to you. Oh well, there is a little bit of truth in everything. Thanks for sharing.