About Leslie

Our mental health takes a tribe of people to support us.

As an executive leadership coach, workshop facilitator and training designer, my passion is in supporting people in organizations to shift the naturally occurring cultures to become cultures that foster and drive leadership, inclusion, and extraordinary results. My 20 years’ experience working with leaders and their teams gives me in-depth knowledge and understanding of how human beings are developed and what’s needed to sustain any cultural or leadership change in the workplace.

When I’m not working with my business partners in the corporate world supporting cultures to move from “me to we”, you will likely find me volunteering my time with people who, like myself, have lived through some type of mental illness.

In 2007, I made a life-changing choice to speak publicly about my journey with bipolar disorder. After ten years of hiding my mood disorder out of embarrassment, shame and fear of judgment, I now openly speak about my experience and journey, and am delighted to support organizations raise awareness about mental health. I blend my experience in the mental health field, learning design and leadership. I design mental health programs in which participants are actively engaged and discover information for themselves and have fun. I have been working with individual and group clients as a Mental Health  Wellness and Resiliency Coach, and a Peer Support Facilitator since 2008.