7 Best-Kept Secrets of Thriving Professionals Living With Mental Health Challenges

Develop Inner Peace and Confidence With Your Career—Without Ignoring Your Mental Health

You’ve gotten your mental health diagnosis and you’re under the care of a professional with a treatment plan. But you’re not satisfied with simply surviving.

If you’re honest with yourself, what you really wish for is more confidence and peace in furthering your career.

Because living with a mental health challenge doesn’t mean you can’t be a high-performing professional.

I’m Leslie Bennett, founder of Mental Health Sherpa, and I’m sharing the 7 best-kept secrets of thriving professionals living with mental health challenges in this free resource.

Yes, I want to thrive in my workplace.


When you learn these 7 best-kept secrets and practice a new one each week, you could develop a whole new relationship to your work and newfound inner peace in just eight weeks.

Learn the:

  • Strategies,
  • Actions, and
  • Attitudes

…That thriving professionals use in their everyday life.

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