4 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

Course corrections can only come from deliberate reflections!

June is the halfway mark in the year. Six months have passed, and we have six months still to go. I’ve often wanted to review my goals at this time and have either forgotten, or it was too late when I remembered. This year is different. Looking at what we have done in the 1st half year will give new insights into what needs to be focused on for the remainder of the year. This is all in service of achieving our goals and outcomes.

Use these three simple questions:

  • What has worked?
  • What has not worked?
  • What do you need to have in place for those things that didn’t work to work?

I believe reviewing the last six months might just be the piece that has been missing for me. There is research that shows the link between how often reflection is done and the ability to lead more effectively. Those who engage in reflection are said to be more grounded, able to handle a crisis effectively, are empathic with their peers and more successful in their stated personal and business goals. I believe this can be used in our own lives. We are all leaders of something, our lives, our family, our mental health, and our physical health.

What has Worked? 

Begin with looking at what’s working; consider all areas of your life;

  • goals you created for yourself at the beginning of the year
  • career
  • finances
  • physical and mental health
  • relationships – family, workplace, social and intimate
  • physical environment
  • nutrition
  • sleep and rejuvenation
  • fun and recreation
  • personal growth

What has not worked?

Take some time to write down what isn’t working. If this scares you or if you think there is not one area you could be getting better results, consider 1) your goals are not enough of a stretch or there is something you have missed. Asking someone to help you with this usually supports the process.
If you can take some quiet time to do this reflection, you will:

  • Be able to identify what you need to have the results you want both professionally and personally
  • Feel better

If you are finding it hard to come up with something that isn’t working, you could ask yourself the question, what in my life would I like to do better? Or where am I not getting the kinds of results that I want?

Sometimes I go between the two lists; something I write down that is working reminds me of something that is not working. Check out my list below for ideas; it has both my mental and physical health listed and professional and personal areas too.

What do you need to have in place for those things that don’t work to work?

Now that you have your list – look at those items and areas that are not working, ask yourself the questions:

  • What do I need to have them work?
  • What actions could I take to move closer to the results I want?

You might come up with the idea of a structure that would support you in that area. It’s all made up; you don’t have to have the correct answer, and it’s an exercise in brainstorming. What you would notice if you dare to share your “what’s not working list” with someone is, they might just be the person who can help you in that area. (Mine are indicated below in purple – the brackets with ideas)

I’ve seen it happen many times, the moment I share a concern or challenge I’m having with something, that person usually has something that would support me – either advice, referral or is willing to create a “partnership” in the area to achieve the results. It’s awesome, and it works…. but first you have to be willing to share.

Final Step
Look at what you want to achieve by the end of the year. State your goals or outcomes.
By writing down the items you will:

  • Know what to work on
  • Support yourself in moving forward in the areas that are not working.

You might have noticed that those areas that are listed in the what’s not working are usually the ones you need to be spending your time on.

Without spending the time to reflect on what you have achieved and not achieved, it’s likely you would not have realized where to spend your time for the remainder of the year.

Let me know what you have come up with, if it supports you to have someone who you are accountable to, find a colleague, friend or coach.

My 6 Month Reflection Work

What’s working?

  • Taking risks, putting myself out there
  • Neil our partnership; our marriage.
    • Our communication
    • Supporting each other with goals we have
    • Spending time together
    • Confidence with each other
  • The increased number of connections with Mental Health industry, and identifying and finding ways to contribute based on my skills.
  • Submitting my resume to professional positions that could be directly related to mental health field.
  • Deepening my understanding of what people need re: peer support
  • Strengthening and developing my relationships with Sustainability network
  • Expanding my professional network
  • Understanding what I need medically to keep me healthy and well for the next 20-30 years
    • Hemochromatosis, Bipolar, chronic pain
  • Spending time with Chase our cat
  • Taking courses, the structure they create to do the homework and achieve personal and professional goals.

What’s not working?

  • Exercise enough (4) times per week
  • Finances
  • Increasing the number of contracts.
  • Family – I feel disconnected from my sister and her family (talk to her and see if she has suggestions for this and how she is feeling)
  • Working on my own – (need a consistent partnership model in place)
  • Resisting medical challenges (use MBSR course)
  • Lack of speaking opportunities – (toastmasters)
  • Number of Mental Health blog posts – (structure / accountability partner)
  • Mental health video blog

What to work on for next 6 months:
1)  Have a contract that supports workplace culture and incorporates a Mental Health initiative
2) $60,000 income (between business and f/t or p/t work)
3) 2 / month blog (includes mental health video blog)
4) 4 times / week exercise (includes PT, Nicole, walk, yoga etc)

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