Can we talk about this?

On February 13,  I appeared on Mind Matters a Rogers TV program hosted by Stacey Dombrowsky. The show included Dr. Roger S McIntyre, Head, Mood Disorders Psychopharmacology and Dr. Ben Goldstein, Director of the Centre for Youth Bipolar Disorder.  Stacey’s questions had us discussing: what bipolar disorder is, what you might experience  during a bipolar episode and how to support yourself when you have been diagnosed.

Check out this clip from the Mind Matters program on Bipolar Disorder.

Here’s the thing I keep noticing, we need to talk about mental health more. There are mental health organizations who target our youth and our youth are talking about it! Recently, Partners for Mental Health extended their Let’s Call BS campaign because it was such a huge success. The Youth get it- they are talking about mental health.

I’ve also noticed those of us a generation or two above todays youth aren’t doing as well in the talking department. In the last month I’ve had a number of people who have asked me to speak to their friend, colleague or peer becase they are going through something and can I please  help them? Of course I can and each time, I find the barrier to that person getting the  help they need; getting support from their family or from their their work is the fear of others judging them for their illness. 

It’s 2013 people, what do we need to do differently for our friends and families who are too scared to ask for help?  What do we need to do for our colleagues who could be super effective at work if they could just ask for an accommodation to help them manage their work load?

The answers to these and other questions can be found if we come together and fight the stigma.

Where do we start? Partners for Mental Health has a new campaign – one that is targeted at organizations. The Not Myself Today campaign is designed to educate and engage Canadians on the issues of mental health in the workplace throughout the month of May and culminates in a national Not Myself Day @ Work on June 6. Check it out you can:

  • Learn – Why workplace mental health matters.
  • Share  – Join the conversation my sharing your own story
  • Act – What you can do right now
  • Invest – Step up as a company leading the change

If your organization is looking to get involved let me know or just check out their website for more information.