Scared to Death

Got up this morning at 6 am for a scheduled MRI appointment for my wrist. No problem – easy peasy. I’ll just show up have the procedure and get on with rehabbing my wrist. 

If it was just that easy

Here’s what happened:

After checking in and answering a series of questions including if I had any metal piercings on my body or if I’d had a MRI before – both of which I answered yes. The technician asked again if I had any metal on me – yes my belly button ring, I said: the person who booked the appointment with me, checked with the technician and said it was ok.  I would have removed it if I needed to. (more…)

Wakey Wakey Sleepyhead – It’s time to get out of bed!

Living with a mental illness is challenging, living with one that is not stabilized can be debilitating.  So what can you do?

I’m often asked what are the things I do to keep well and mentally stable? So I’ve decided to write a couple of blog posts on this very point.  I use the acronym FSTEP that stands for Food, Sleep, Treatment, Exercise, and Perception. By assessing and keeping my attention on each one of the FSTEP elements, it supports my mental health stability and high function life I’ve been accustom to for the past 15 years. If you feel like using or trying it out you can download it here for free.

FSTEP – Sleep (more…)