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Have you noticed others managing their mental health with success?
Do you want to learn how to do
that for yourself?

If you are like most of the people who visit this website, you are resilient and committed to being more than the label or a mental health diagnosis, you have achieved great things in your life, and you have failed at areas of your life too. You may not say this out load, and you are clear there is another way to achieving what you want in life while managing your own mental health responsibly. You know there is a better way to achieve your goals and you are committed to finding it. You may even know there is a bigger reason than your own suffering for why you’ve gone through your mental health experience but haven’t been able to articulate it yet.

I’ve been there. I’ve been through the shame, humiliation, embarrassment, heartache, disappointment, I’ve made myself wrong, I’ve isolated from life and others, I was totally confused and had constant questioning of why me, why this diagnosis?

Maybe you feel like these clients:

“I used to be better, much better”
“Self-doubt seeps in and rots my confidence”
“I can’t get along with my teammates”
“I’m the missing link”

Does this sound like with you?

Quite possibility you have seen others manage their mental wellness with success and you want to learn how to do that for yourself. It can feel overwhelming at times, not knowing where to start, not knowing what will make the difference. Add in the external pressures of stigma, family pressures, and workplace expectations and it can feel completely overwhelming

Maybe you are looking for a sense of calm, possibility and resiliency?

Then this website was made for you. It’s a resource, a community and a place to be yourself. No pretenses, no I’m perfect and need to handle this myself – just love and support and all of my best stuff to have you thriving in the world!  

How can Mental Health Sherpa support you?

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A sample of what you get at Mental Health Sherpa:

1) 7 Best Kept Secrets of Thriving Professionals (who live with a mental illness) Ebook
2) Sleep – Wakey Wakey Sleepyhead It’s Time to Get Out of Bed 
3) Shame – The Shame and Guilt of Mental Illness 
4) Disclosing –  A Leap of Faith – Disclosing Mental Illness in the Workplace
5) Burnout – 4 Simple Strategies to implement now to Avoid Burnout!
6) Creating a safety Net – Hall Pass


Who am I?
I am Leslie Bennett, founder of Mental Health Sherpa which provides resources and support for professionals living with mental health challenges who want to thrive in their careers. After ten years of hiding my bipolar disorder out of shame, I now openly speak about my experience and journey. I’ve been working with individual and group clients as a Mental Health Strategist, Executive Coach, and Management Consultant since 2008.